Arenas and Race Tracks

Either you become the best, or you become intergalactic trash
With the end of the war against the children of darkness, many planets came to be dominated by warlords who lived on the fringes of the federation. To sustain themselves, they began creating race tracks on their worlds and the famous arenas where battles between spacecraft took place. The competition now revolved around determining which pilot was the most skilled, whether in the arenas or on the race tracks. This attracted numerous participants who sought to prove their piloting skills, gain fame, and amass fortunes by risking their ships in both races and battles.


Each arena had its origin that harkened back to a particular stage of the war. Essentially, the arenas were created to allow the best ships to pay homage to the lives and vessels that were destroyed during the war against the children of the abyss. But unlike the wars, here the pilots had the opportunity to repair their ships, purchase upgrades, and refuel safely. As not everyone acted within the law, it was common for criminal organizations known as pirates to steal fuel from solitary ships that roamed through space. To put an end to this, planets established bases on nearby moons where ships could refuel with some degree of safety.


The war lasted a long time and demonstrated that in addition to combat capabilities, the ships required highly skilled pilots, as the children of darkness with their purple-tinged vessels were incredibly fast, and their pilots had razor-sharp reflexes. Thus, race tracks were created, spreading across various worlds. Unlike the arenas, here skill and speed were tested to their maximum limits. This activity produced the best pilots in the universe for the galaxies to witness.


The ambitious warlords seized control of all the arenas and race tracks as soon as they captured the planets. However, many of them do not wish to deal with the headaches associated and sell them on the marketplace, although this occurs rarely.
However, the only way to become the owner of an arena or race track is by being a warlord, which means acquiring a planet.


The owner of the planet where events take place, whether battles or races, will earn a fee (%) for each event that occurs in the arenas/race tracks.