Battle against other pilots and claim the spoils of war as your own

In the pvp, players will be able to pit their fleets against other fleets, based on the rarity level of their ships. The higher the number of stars in the fleet, the higher the percentage of $SPFY that the winning fleet will earn. The losing player will need to surrender their ship with the lowest rarity level from the participating fleet to the winning player. The percentage of $SPFY will be proportional to the fleet's rarity, with higher rarities offering greater rewards. 50% of the reward will be burned, while the remaining 50% will be distributed to the winning player.

Both players will pay an entry fee to compete against each other, and the fee will vary based on the fleet's power (fleet rarity). This entry fee will be used as war spoils for the winning player, in addition to the ship surrendered by the losing player.

50% of the entry fees will be burned to keep the in-game economy dynamic and to increase the scarcity and value of $SPFY over time.

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