Spacefy is an open-world NFT space combat game


The game takes place across multiple planets, where space exploration is our starting point.
Players take control of a futuristic spaceship developed by GENESIS (Artificial Intelligence Company) and XPACE to explore the vast universe in search of SPFY and defend our planet from intergalactic threats. They engage in space races with other travelers, negotiate with each other, and even get involved in thrilling battles, all with the goal of earning more SPFY and acquiring rare items. No one said establishing a position among the stars should be done politely.
If successful in their fights and races, players can accumulate enough resources to become owners of planets or even fuel stations. In addition to the main storyline, Spacefy offers a multitude of side missions to be completed.
Spacefy has been praised for its impressive visuals and immersive gameplay mechanics. The game has been developed to provide its users with a long-term NFT game that allows players to have fun while earning profits. The main objective of Spacefy is the pursuit of SPFY, a material used throughout the game by all races, which, in addition to the adventure itself, enables explorers to profit as they progress in their battles, races, and exploration.


  • Explore planets in search of SPFY.
  • Build your space fleet using AI and venture into the vast universe.
  • Compete in races with other players.
  • Conquer planets and refueling stations and earn SPFY from other travelers.
  • Destroy your enemies in search of rewards.
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