Where It All Begins
With the end of the war against the children of darkness, many planets came to be dominated by warlords who lived on the fringes of the federation, organizing illegal events and battles. However, they became extremely wealthy with each battle/event that took place on their planets...


What nobody tells you about the warlords is that they have become the richest and most influential people in the entire galaxy due to their control and earnings from space battles, events, arenas, and fuel stations.
Every fight that occurs, every refueling, every arena rental, every event, and so on... everything that happens on the planet, the owner of that planet will receive a payment in $SPFY (fee) for all the activities established there (whether it's a battle, event, or anything else). In other words, they will receive dividends for every gain/loss that occurs on their planet.
To become a warlord and conquer your own planet, you must acquire the Planet Box in IDO 2, but there will only be a very limited quantity of planets available.


Each planet will have its rarity and a percentage of earnings from fuel stations, arenas, events, and battles that occur on them. The rarer the planet, the higher the percentage (fee) of earnings.
However, there will be very few planets available.