🌎How to buy your first planet

The Planets will have a limited quantity of just 500 NFTs available for sale. Planet owners will receive a percentage of all battles, races and fuel supplies that occur on their planet, which will allow planet owners to build passive income and earn more and more $SPFY tokens.

However, for the planets to continue generating passive income, it is necessary to acquire an energy core to reestablish the planet's energy core.

Planets are player-owned NFTs that can be traded on our marketplace and sold P2P to another player.


On the game page in the "planets" tab, if there are still available, you can connect your metamask and buy your planet by clicking the "buy" button. Otherwise, just buy from another holder's marketplace.


  • Only 500 planet NFTs will be available.

  • Only 1 NFT per wallet


  • Each planet will cost 2.200 MATIC.

  • During pre-sale: 50% discount... Each planet will cost 1.100 MATIC.


After the initial sale in the "planets" tab on the game page, the only way to acquire planets is through the marketplace, if any holder wants to sell. The price of the NFT will be determined by the gas station owner and can be sold for the price he wants to make available on the market.

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