📈Vision and Mission

A game with well-defined long-term missions and goals


The vision of the SPACEFY team is to create one of the largest and best long-term NFT space games in the market. We will build a platform where players can immerse themselves in the virtual world and venture into various game modes. Depending on their profile and goals, they can explore planets through the farming mode, compete in races through the PVE mode, or engage in individual combat through the PVP mode.

We have developed gameplay that is enjoyable and profitable for all types of players. The games aim to develop players' tactical thinking and motor coordination.

Our objective is to provide long-term fun and profitability for all players.


Our mission is to create and maintain a sustainable ecosystem for the long term.

  • We aim to encourage players in a healthy manner through incentives

  • We strive to make gameplay enjoyable for all player profiles.

  • We provide support to all players to ensure that the game remains scalable and profitable.

  • Furthermore, we aim to offer an increasingly transparent and secure platform to players.

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