No one said conquering planets would be easy


The story begins in the year 2032 when the company XSPACE, in partnership with GENESIS, manages to establish a base on the MOON. They then sent some astronauts and trained civilians there, who started living in the lunar base, called SPACEFY. This entire experience was part of an ambitious mission: to develop futuristic spacecraft to protect Earth and prepare humanity to continue colonizing other planets. But before this triumph, one man was decisive, Lon Musk, a person with a special purpose: to protect our planet and lead humans to live outside of Earth.

The partnership with GENESIS was crucial for the success of the project, as they developed an Artificial Intelligence capable of creating futuristic ships that could face all the adversities they might encounter in the galaxy, in order to explore the vast universe and also combat an unknown extraterrestrial power. It took decades of development, learning, and terraforming, all of which were necessary for colonizing Mars and other planets. However, on several occasions, the process of geoengineering on these planets could only be done in small areas due to atmospheric and climatic difficulties. Therefore, small cities were formed, where resources such as water, oxygen, and food were controlled in a reusable and super-efficient manner.

Humans continued their conquests at a rapid pace. However, the great technological leap came with the discovery of a mineral named SPFY. It was found on one of Jupiter's Galilean Moons, precisely on the moon Calisto. This material has the ability to produce a large amount of energy, and engineers can use this power to make incredible advances in the construction of new technologies.

We use the energy extracted from the mineral to produce space fuel, create new components for space industries, robotics, computing, medicine, and the production of new weapons. Since this discovery, we have been living in a golden age that has propelled our technological leap on an unprecedented scale.

To give you an idea of the potential energy extracted from this mineral, a small amount of 100 kg could fuel medium-sized space stations for more than seven months.

The icy surface of Calisto was extensively explored, and humanity managed to extract a lot of this material. However, it was discovered that it was not part of the moon's composition; it came from outside, which created insecurity, as we had discovered a powerful but finite resource. The solution was to search for more of this mineral and try to discover its origin.


Years later, we made contact with alien races. The first ones were the JAWOKS, humanoid lizards with strong bodies and long tails, endowed with a strong temperament and possessing formidable military power. However, the JAWOKS were curious about humans, and friendly communication took place between the two parties. The lizards were pleased to meet us, and together we formed an alliance.

Through them, we were introduced to other planets and races, and a world of possibilities opened up for human beings.

The JAWOKS introduced us to the ZERBRAKS, an ancient and powerful race with vast knowledge of dark matter manipulation and species genetics. They were tall, had four arms, and were slim and elegant with shimmering bodies resembling fish scales. The ZERBRAKS bridged the gap between humanity and the VORGS, and finally, we were introduced to the intergalactic federation.

The council was composed of five races, and now humanity, the youngest race, was accepted at the center of interplanetary decisions.

The VORGS, beings with bluish skin, large heads, and eyes resembling opaque stones. They had long limbs and slender bodies. They were scientists and enjoyed conducting experiments. In the past, they were responsible for abducting some humans. At that time, the VORGS were a species of short and gray beings. Using some human genetic material, they evolved and became taller.

The other race was the MIRIALANKS, strong beings with square heads and golden armor. They also enjoyed exploring new worlds and were feared warriors.

As for the TRANGARIONS caste, they were engineers and hunting enthusiasts. They liked to create large pyramids on the planets they visited to mark their territories. Their appearance resembled that of a feline, with strong bodies and great skills. Because they enjoyed hunting, they often provided creatures captured in their hunts to the ZERBRAKS. The TRANGARIONS designed and built a significant part of the defense infrastructure of the space stations that are part of the federation.

Due to the technological advancement achieved by humanity through Artificial Intelligence, both in terms of science and warfare, beings from other races respected humans, although they treated all humans with suspicion.


But not all members of these races joined the Galactic Interplanetary Federation. Many clan leaders charted their own destinies and operated on the fringes of the law. They constantly raided space stations, targeting humans as their primary prey, as well as other races. Space piracy targeted them all.

Some Lords from each race established their small domains in distant regions beyond the federation's reach and thrived by creating their own systems of laws and alternative routes for trade and smuggling.

Planets served as bases for these warlords, known as Warlords, as they controlled their domains with an iron fist. However, it was the federation's routes that brought more profit, and some of these lords had business dealings in the federation's center through secret and corrupt agreements with certain members of the high council.

Humans joined the federation's police forces to combat criminals and looters. The federation gratefully received the new defenders and their futuristic ships. Humanity was now part of the federation's tactical force.

However, as has always happened throughout our history, power is seductive, and it didn't take long for several individuals to start operating outside the law. They organized themselves into pirate clans and plundered the federation's allies. Some former military personnel decided to leave the federation's forces or had been expelled due to illegal conduct, becoming mercenaries. Soon, the federation began using their services for dirty jobs, and their existence was tolerated.


The federation had revealed to humans about their origin and how the different castes had come together to defeat an ancient evil known as the Shadows of Space. These dark beings were composed of an ancient race that, according to accounts, existed even before the Big Bang. Ancient stories told that these entities roamed the darkness, as they were born from the darkness itself when there was only void.

The Big Bang for the children of the shadows was an act of rebellion that generated light, thus initiating new life, which needed to be combated. These beings were scattered across the cosmic explosion that gave birth to the universe. Ages passed, and life began to emerge throughout the universe. From primitive beings to intelligent minds, evolution shaped their creatures. Worlds gained colors, winds blew, and water appeared in various parts of the universe, populating the primordial oceans and generating more life.

Then, when life had already established itself, the children of the shadows returned to their initial state of consciousness. For ages, many of them had lain dormant in the darkest corners of the cosmos. It is certain that many others ceased to exist during the Big Bang. However, the survivors, though scattered across galaxies, resolved to hunt down the life forms generated by light. They waged a fierce war against the races that would later form the federation. The war was brutal, but once again, the power of darkness succumbed to the power of light.

What the federation didn't reveal was that many beings of darkness had escaped to the far reaches of the universe and vowed to return to annihilate all life, as they would now gather all their members and form a great army. But there was something far more serious within the federation itself: leaders had been corrupted by the power of darkness and secretly formed a cult dedicated to it. Unbeknownst to anyone, they were preparing for the return of the children of the shadows.

Parallel to all these conflicts among members of the galactic council, criminals, pirates, and warlords, human scientists created a tracker to more accurately locate the SPFY. However, they had no idea that the dark cult had set their sights on this discovery because what humans called SPFY, they knew as the sustenance of the children of the shadows, known as the purple matter.

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