Spaceships are crucial to the dynamics of the game
Choose your spaceship and embark on this journey. You will uncover terrifying secrets about forces that seek to devour all forms of life created by light. Being a pilot is what will grant you access to this world of mysteries, fortune, and adventure.
Spaceships will be necessary to travel between planets in search of SPFY and also to compete and battle against other players to conquer their $SPFY.


In order for you to be immersed in the world of Spacefy and be part of this exciting and profitable adventure, you will need to have at least one spaceship. To obtain a new spaceship, you will need to purchase a space box, which contains a spaceship with specific rarities.
A fleet consists of 5 spaceships, and the maximum number of fleets a player can have through space boxes is 10. Beyond the 10th fleet, if a player wishes to acquire more ships, they will have to buy them from another player in the marketplace. This will create a healthy and sustainable economy within the game.
Each spaceship is an NFT, meaning that you are the unique owner of this NFT, and there is no other identical digital asset like yours. If you wish to sell it, you can list it on our marketplace at a price you deem fair, considering its uniqueness.


In Spacefy, each spaceship has 3 main attributes: SPEED, SHIELD STRENGTH, and DURATION. These attributes will define the success of your mission.
The attributes of each ship can range from 0 to 10, depending on the ship's level.

Each attribute has a specific characteristic to make the ship a combat machine:

Speed: Very important for chasing enemies or fleeing when necessary.
Shield Strength: Determines how well-prepared the ship is to withstand enemy attacks.
Duration: The time the ship can fly continuously through space without stopping.


The rarity of each ship will dictate success in missions and the rewards obtained in each mode.
In each SPACE BOX, you will have the opportunity to acquire a ship ranging from level 1 to level 5. The higher the level, the greater the reward for battles.